The Health & Harmony Centre offers a wide variety of services to meet your health care needs.

Dr. Aleks practices t
he holistic approach to finding "wholeness" through acknowledging, honouring, and healing all your parts: Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spirit.  If one, or a combination of these foundational pillar parts are out-of-balance, we will have sub-optimal health and not be in harmony.  This discovery process is typically done through an initial consultation.  However, in acute situations or needs, Dr. Aleks will propose a specific treatment modality.  These more direct services are also available on-demand.

An Initial Health Consultation & Testing assessment
is recommended to establish a client's needs - preventive, acute, or ongoing care.  

The initial consultation includes recommendations to address the root causes  of problems or imbalance, not just merely addressing symnptoms.  These recommendations will include: dietary supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies, need for a nutritional consultation, more detailed biomeridian testing, or one or more treatment modalities. Occasionally we may refer to another type of specialist if this seems appropriate.

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