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2018/01/18 about
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HEALTH & HARMONY CENTRE is founded by Dr. Aleks Radojcic. Also known as HEALTH AND HARMONY CENTER is located at Toronto, Richmond Hill, GTA - Greater Toronto Area. At the Health & Harmony Centre, Dr. Aleks Radojcic may recommend solutions with nutritional consulting, dietary modifications, supplements like herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, body detoxification programs, and other healing modalities such as: Acupuncture, Foot / Hand Reflexology, Contact Healing, Praniic Healing, Reconnective Healing, and The Reconnection. Other services include These treatment modalities will typically act as catalysts for a patient’s self-healing. The B.E.S.T. – Bio-Meridian Stress Testing instrument – is used in support of determining what herbal, homeopathic and dietary supplements that a person needs. Over the years he has helped a number of patients with health problems ranging from high blood pressure, cholesterol, digestive disorders, urinary disorders, kidney and liver problems, lung and breathing problems, allergies, skin disorders to some other serious health issues. A Member of VICommunity, Powered by QCTI - QC Technologies Inc.